Unique Gift Ideas for Mothers Day

Mother’s Day is May 14, and if you’re like us, you’re trying to find something unique and awesome for your mom, something other than a bouquet of beautiful tulips or another pair of earring. Not that Mom won’t like those things, but we’ve been there. And done that. And we are on the hunt for something at just the next level of gift giving.

Steph with both of our moms at her bridal shower

Here are just a few of the options we’ve found that would be great for Mom this Mother’s Day.

The hottest coffee trend

Cold Brew is the latest buzzword in coffee. Jim and I have been gaga over cold brew for the past few years, so we can attest to its amazingness. Think less acidic, smooth, cold and rich. Pair it with a splash of heavy whipping cream and a hot summer day is suddenly far more tolerable.

There are a few options for making this delicious drink at home. Our preferred method is the Cold Bruer. You put the ground coffee in the little cylinder, fill the top with ice and water and leave it in the fridge for a minimum of 5 hours (we would put ours in the night before and it would be ready in the morning). It makes the most delicious cold brew coffee.

Photo courtesy of the Boston Globe

If you are looking for something a little more portable and inexpensive, try the Coffee Panda. It uses a slightly different method, where you let the coffee grounds sit in cold water to brew for 12-24 hours. Either would be awesome for your coffee-loving mom.


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Something to look forward to every month

Subscription boxes are quite the craze right now. They have a box for everything from spices to makeup to toys and treats for your dog. Two of the neatest sounding boxes we’ve come across are the Cozy Reader Club and the New Hobby Club.

As it sounds, the New Hobby Club, sends you all you need to try out a new hobby with each box. If your mom is interested in expanding her horizons, learning new things or developing new skills, this would be the perfect box for her. We think it sounds like a lot of fun. You might even want to subscribe yourself and try new things WITH Mom.

Photo courtesy of Crate Joy

The Cozy Reader Club sounds like heaven in a box to me. And would to my mom. It includes a recent hardcover book plus coffee, tea or hot cocoa and a few tasty treats perfect for curling up and reading with.

Photo courtesy of CrateJoy

Memories of your special day

Chances are, your mom put as much love and energy into your wedding as you did. And even if she didn’t take a major role in the planning, it was a proud and happy moment for her to watch her child get married. Why not give her a book of images from your wedding? Highlight some of her favorite parts, emotional moments between you and her and all the little details she helped you make perfect.

If Mom is more of a jewelry person, what about a locket with an image of you and her inside? For Bonus Points, include one of you and her when you were young on the opposite side.

Do you have any awesome Mother’s Day gift ideas? We’d love to hear about them!

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