Tips and Tidbits: All About the First Look

If you’ve gotten anywhere in your wedding planning, specifically regarding your photography, you’ve probably heard about the First Look. And if you haven’t heard yet, you will.

all about the first look

The First Look is a relatively new concept in weddings. Basically, before the ceremony starts, the groom waits for his bride in an appointed place, usually facing away from where she will approach or with his eyes closed or blind folded. When she gets close to him, he will turn around or open his eyes and get his first glimpse of his bride.

what is a first look

There are pros and cons to choosing to do this type of session, of course.


You get to see each other in a private and personal setting, just the two of you, rather than in front of all of your family and friends.

You will have a few secluded minutes, just the two of you to be together before all the craziness of the wedding day begins.

For some couples, this is the most time they will spend together all day. Some couples choose to pray, some just sit together, some cry, some laugh. But it’s just the two of you.

Doing this session means we can knock out a big chunk of your bridal portraits before the ceremony. With these out of the way, we can get you back to your friends and family more quickly when the ceremony is finished.

If the first look is done early enough, we can often times also finish all the bridal party photos as well, leaving only family portraits to do between the ceremony and reception.


This is not the traditional way. Many people like to have the groom’s first sight of his bride happen when she walks down the aisle.

You have to be dressed and ready sooner in the day.

bride and grooms first look

The First Look is not for everyone. Many people prefer tradition, and that’s perfectly fine. It is a personal preference and whichever you choose, we will be there to capture it.

If you have any questions or would like more information about doing your own first look, please don’t hesitate to ask!

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