Life Changing Moments: The Path to Profitability


In life there are moments that change the game completely, moments that alter you so entirely it’s impossible to ever go back to the way things were before. Two weekends ago I experienced one of those moments at Jasmine Star’s Path to Profitability business summit for creative entrepreneurs.

Jasmine Star's Path to Profitability

I’ve delayed writing this post for a number of reasons, but the biggest reason is that I’ve been kind of floating around in my world wondering which way is up. I feel different. Not quite myself, but not quite the new person I am coming into either.

Path to Profitability

The Path to Profitability took place over the course of a weekend. Technically it was a two day business summit, but for me, it was so much more than that and it started at a little coffee shop in Culver City with twenty people who understood me better than anyone else could. Because they were different versions of me: creative people with a dream and a business in some stage of making that dream come true. They understood the struggle that I go through on a day-to-day basis, the desire to create, the thirst for adventure, the physical need to live an authentic and rewarding life.

Jasmine Star's PTP

After coffee on Friday night, a handful of us went to In & Out for dinner. We had an Aussie among us and we decided it was necessary for her to have this truly “California” experience. That evening we became friends over double doubles and animal fries (a veggie burger for me) and we were barely apart the rest of the weekend except for to sleep.

Jasmine Star's Path to Profitability

Meeting these people was life changing. They reassured me that the path I am on is the right one, that I am not alone and that my dreams are well within my reach. They shared their stories, their lives and their hearts. I am so honored to call them all friends.

Chatting with Jasmine Star

But the weekend wasn’t just about meeting new people. There was a labor-of-love curriculum created just for us by the incredibly talented and amazingly kind Jasmine Star and her fabulous team. Over the course of two days, we learned about branding, marketing, social media strategy and keeping a mindset poised for success. We were handed tools for dream achievement and a mountain of homework that would make any accredited university proud.

Me and Jasmine Star

This information was life changing. It will make an amazing difference in our business and I can’t wait to see how it shapes the future of not only our business but the businesses of the friends we made through the summit.

But I’d be doing The Path to Profitability a disservice if I didn’t heap some praise on the team who provided it. Jasmine Star is a celebrity in the wedding photography world. She’s a big deal. But to talk to her you wouldn’t know it. She didn’t lock herself away between sessions and act too good to mingle with us “little people.” She sat with us. She talked to us. She shared her dream with us as we shared ours with her. And this impressed me more than words can describe.

JD at Path to Profitabilty

And then there was JD. Jasmine’s husband took care of us like a mama hen all weekend. He made sure our dietary restrictions were considered, we were a comfortable temperature, we had enough to eat and drink and, probably most importantly, the coffee didn’t run out! What JD didn’t take care of, the rest of the team did. I can’t thank Brianna and Tami enough for all the little things they did, most of which we probably knew nothing about, in order to make our experience a phenomenal one. You guys are all AMAZING!

If this wasn’t already impressive enough, Jasmine and JD welcomed Jim into all of the folds that didn’t involve the actual presentation of information. Jim didn’t attend the summit. We thought it was only necessary for one of us to go, but he did drive me down to LA and entertained himself while I was “in class” for two full days (you want to talk about a rock star husband! I won the jackpot, folks!). But he was welcomed into the group at the coffee shop. He was invited in at the end of each day to hang out with the group. He wasn’t shunned or locked out. The kindness afforded to him when he hadn’t “paid for it,” blew me away.

Path to Profitability, LA

The Path to Profitability changed my life. In so many ways. And I’m still learning all the ways I am different and new. At this point, all I can say is thank you. To Jasmine and JD. Brianna and Tami. And to all of my new friends. You guys have given me a renewed hope in this quest to live the life of my dreams!


*With a few exceptions, these photos are courtesy of The Path to Profitability.

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