Fay Bainbridge Park Proposal: Charlie + Dina

fay bainbridge proposal

When I was younger, I remember feeling like I was a failure if a friendship didn’t work out. I don’t remember where I found it or who may have shown it to me, but I read a quote about friendship that forever changed the way I looked at my relationships.

“People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime.”

And then there are the people who enter your life in a single moment, yet feel like they’ve always been there. The people you click so well with and connect so well with that you feel like you’ve been friends forever from the very start.

donut cult

Charlie was one of those friends. We met at Path to Profitability in April of last year, and after bonding over donuts and a spontaneous moonlight sing-along, we were instant BFFs. Shortly after Charlie met us, he met Dina, and last weekend we had the honor of capturing Charlie as he asked his girl to become his wife and spend their forever together.

We carefully constructed the rouse. Charlie told Dina he had commissioned us to take some one year dating anniversary photos of them. So they’d have something to put on this big empty wall in their house. And so they’d have some nice photos of themselves at this junction in their relationship.

fay bainbridge proposal

Little did Dina know, we had greater plans in mind for this little photo shoot at the beach.

sunset beach proposalproposal on the beach surprise proposal on the beach

There wasn’t a dry eye among us. The moment was so full of love and emotion, and we were so honored that Charlie asked us to be a part of it.

fay bainbridge park proposalharry potter ring box

Dina, though we just met you this past weekend, we love you already, and we are so happy that you and Charlie found each other because you are absolutely perfect together! We watched as you became fiances and we are so excited to watch you become husband and wife!

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