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Jim and Stephanie Sutherlin

Our story began with a Craigslist ad. A five-in-one first date. We added to that an epic 45 day, 48 state road trip in a Toyota Corolla. A sunset proposal on the beach in Key West. A gorgeous wedding on a mountaintop vineyard.

Now we’re a husband and wife with a couple of cameras who live on a sailboat in the Pacific Northwest! We love nothing more than mingling our shared passion for photography with the beautiful stories of couples who are in love with their lives as much as they are with each other.

Where we’ve been is as important as where we’re going. We believe in handwritten letters, sent through the mail. Drinking in that new book smell as you crack open a novel for the first time. Watching the country pass by the windows of a speeding train. We shoot in digital and in film because we love the balance between vintage and modern and film helps us hold fast to our roots.

We believe relationships are the foundation of this beautiful life and we are the best at what we do when we are doing it with friends. For this reason, we treat all our clients as such. We want to know you, and we want you to know us.

We adore a good love story or a good adventure tale, and we’d love to hear yours over a cup of coffee or a cocktail. Contact us today and we’ll set up a date. To see more of our work, check out our portfolio or follow us on Facebook or Instagram.


Husband, Head Coffee Brewer, Fixer of All Things

Jim loves...

sailing, fishing, shooting film, a slice of japaleno with his margaritas, building things, Santorini, quoting funny movies, Psych, Chemex coffee, old cars, basketball, a good burger, books about sailing and, of course,

Jim loves Steph.


Wife, Boat Chef, Breaker of Most Things

Steph loves...

sailing, fish tacos, New York City, Jim's Chemex coffee, Psych, baking cookies on the boat, macarons, shooting film, writing, tiny succulent gardens, The Great Gatsby, a good porter, train travel, and, of course,

Steph loves Jim.

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